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Block and Stone Retaining Walls

Block and Stone Retaining Walls Sunshine Coast

Block and stone retaining walls are a popular choice for homeowners looking to create new landscape design or improve the aesthetics of their property. Block and Stone Retaining Walls Sunshine Coast can be traditional, classic-looking masonry block construction, or they may be fabricated from stacked stones (sometimes with mortar). No matter what form it takes, the design typically features an attractive variation in height that creates a dramatic visual effect. This type of wall is most often used on residential properties but has also been installed by commercial landowners as part cases where parking lots need additional elevation due to low water tables.

A small example of how this kind of wall would work on your home might look like this: you have some previous grading done at your house with the earth removed to make a foundation and fill the yard with soil for landscaping. A Block and Stone Retaining Wall would be installed at a height of approximately four feet in front of the retaining wall to give it that extra elevation you need because your grade is low.

A more dramatic example might have been if an existing house was built on sloping land, where water tends to run off violently during storms or heavy rain events. This kind of Block and Stone Retaining Wall could work well as a natural buffer zone between these areas by protecting the part of the property below from flooding; this way some blocks are used perpendicular to each other, while others face away so they can direct runoff downslope without damaging anything else.

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Retaining wall blocks and stones is perfect for creating a clean, crisp edge to your property. Block retaining walls can be made from concrete blocks or cinderblocks with varying thicknesses. Stone is also a great option if you want something more permanent-looking than wood or metal. You may use brick, limestone, granite, sandstone, etc. but natural stones will require an exterior coating of sealant that prevents water evaporation and protects the surface against graffiti vandalism.

Retaining walls are a great way to add privacy, organize your yard and garden, or just make things more beautiful. Retaining walls can be made from any material: brick, stone, concrete blocks (also known as “cinder blocks”).

Block is an attractive choice because it comes in many colors and textures that you may not find with other materials. It’s also relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of retaining wall materials such as precast concrete or poured cement.

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We are the most trusted retaining wall company in the city because we work to exceed expectations. With over many years of experience working on commercial and residential projects alike, Block & Stone Retaining Walls has become one of the leading providers when it comes to blocking stone or concrete walls that need extra reinforcement such as those bordering gardens or driveways. It’s not surprising then that  Block & Stone Retaining Walls is the first choice for many of our customers who are looking to build a wall in their home or place of business.

We offer an extensive range of retaining walls with different styles, shapes, and sizes that can be customized to meet the specific needs and aesthetics desired by each customer. From designing a beautiful garden at your home all while providing space for parking on your property, Block & Stone Retaining Walls has you covered! Not only do we provide professional installation service but also have years worth of experience working closely with clients so they know exactly what it will take to get their project completed from start to finish.

Block and Stone Retaining Walls

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Block and Stone Retaining Walls


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Block and Stone Retaining Walls

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Block and Stone Retaining Walls

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Block and Stone Retaining Walls

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Block and Stone Retaining Walls


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Block and Stone Retaining Walls

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